Anycast DNS: The Key To A Fast, Reliable Website

Let me show you a very simple way to improve your website’swebsite’s reliability – Anycast DNS. You can have multiple DNS servers with the same IP address and speed up your domain resolution greatly. Here is how.

Why should you care about DNS?

DNS is the system that makes it easy for all of us to use the Internet. It translates the domain names to their IP addresses. That way, it distributes queries to the right places. For example, if you search for, your browser will have the task of using DNS to search for the correct DNS server and find the IP address of Google so that you can connect to it. In a traditional scenario, a single Primary DNS server will answer all queries for a domain name. But you can improve that by having multiple servers which can answer the query. So here comes the Anycast DNS.

What is Anycast DNS?

Anycast DNS is a distribution method that uses a network of servers located in multiple locations but with a single IP address for all of the devices. Yes, in it configuration, all of the Domain Name System servers share the same IP address and resolve DNS queries. The clients’ queries will be routed to the nearest Anycast DNS. That will save a lot of time.

Why should you care about Anycast DNS?

First, you must care about this distribution method because it can greatly improve your DNS performance. Having multiple locations, you will be closer to your users. That will provide faster and more efficient DNS resolution in comparison to Unicast DNS with a single DNS server. In short, your site will load faster.

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Having multiple locations means multiple backups. If one goes down, the clients’ queries will just need to travel a bit more, but they will still be resolved. Each Anycast DNS server can resolve your domain, so the resolution can still happen even if only one is on.

Talking about all the dangers of the Internet and all the cybercriminals that constantly try to bring your servers down, having redundancy is great.

Don’t forget that this distribution method is also very affordable. Yes, you need to pay for a premium service, but usually, it is included even in the most economical plans. That means great results for your business, and at the same time, you won’t break the bank.

And lastly, let me mention the setup process. Usually, it is elementary to set up Anycast DNS. You will need to create a Primary DNS zone, add your DNS records (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, SOA, SSHFP, PTR etc.) and then select the Anycast locations. Each of the locations will have a copy of your zone file with all of your DNS records. That way, if a client asks any of the servers, he or she will get the same answer.


Overall, Anycast DNS is full of benefits. It brings speed, reliability, and security to your website. It works efficiently and effectively, providing the availability of a domain from multiple locations.

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