Complete breakdown of DNSSEC

DNS and its security (DNSSEC) are critical topics for online businesses.

What is DNSSEC?

Domain Name System Security Extensions, or DNSSEC, is a group of security measures created to provide cryptographic authentication to DNS data. It checks and proves the integrity of DNS data so you can be sure they haven’t been altered.

Network experts commonly describe it as a chain of trust because it verifies every point in the process a DNS query follows.

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SSHFP record: Definition & Structure


What is the SSHFP record?

A Secure Shell Fingerprint (SSHFP) record is a resource record that specifies the SSH keys connected with a host/ domain name. In addition, this provides remote connection log and networking services over an untrusted channel. When a public key is not identified, we use the Secure Shell Fingerprint record. Additionally, it will be kept locally and used for connection validation in the future.

How to add SSHFP record?

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